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Foundation for Empowerment & Advocacy (Fea) offers a great opportunity to teacher volunteer(s) who are willing to bring their skills to Arusha – Tanzania. Whether you are on your gap year, career break, early retirement, just on vacation, before, during or after your studies we have an offer for you.  We strive to lower costs and provide affordable programs, while maintaining a closer contact with the visiting volunteers, the local people, and the projects. Our primary focus is on Languages (English, French, and Chinese), but you can also apply to teach any other course  available at all of our training Centres.


You should prepare yourself for a culture perhaps very different from what you are used to. There are often power cuts and problems with the Internet or water. The practices at your workplace may also differ from the ones in western countries and things are not always done the way you may be used to. The best way to cope with the differences is to come with an open mind. TIA – This is Africa!

When you respect local habits and customs you get into Tanzanian culture and life style that you are coming to experience. For example by dressing properly (knees and shoulders covered) you show how you respect local religion. Remember that you are coming to visit and learn local culture and life, not coming to bring your own habits.

When you come with open mind, when you ask, when you wonder and when you look around you will get unforgettable experience from Tanzania and from Tanzanian life style.